Mountain Ebike Rental

$80.00 / day

3 days : -15%
4 days : -20%
5 days : -25%
6 days : -30%
7 days : -35%
8 days : -40%
9 days : -45%
Saturday: $85.00
Sunday: $85.00

Mountain Ebike Rental Folding bikes fit any car. Pick up day before, return the day after rental period.  Low rates. For vacation, school, evaluation.

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Mountain Ebike Rental

Powerful full suspension ebikes for off and on road. 40mile range. Rugged large frame with 330 lb capacity. Helmets required. Our bikes fold, so easy to carry even in a small car. A larger SUV can easily carry two, and a pickup or van can carry four or more, for the whole family.

Rental includes:  Cboost Ebike, Charger. Some bikes may include baskets and carriers, and other options at slightly additional charge. Helmets, toolkits, spare tubes and batteries also available for renting.

Mountain Ebike Rental Terms

Pickup bikes in the afternoon the day before. Rent it at least 2 full days. Return by the morning following the rental period

Example:  Book Rental.  Pickup after 2PM Friday. Ride all weekend.  Return by 10AM the following Monday morning.


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