compuboost premium folding electric bikes

Compuboost Electric Bikes

Premium Folding Electric Bikes

Compuboost Electric Bikes, or Ebikes are full size, and have the latest features and performance. With four models and variations, there is an electric bike for every rider. We have a compact model, for adults as well as teenagers and older folk. We have mountain bikes that have full suspension and great power. We have long distance (60mi) commuting road bikes, and we have super duty Fat tire ebikes for sand, snow and any terrain, on or off road.

High Quality Parts and Excellent Worksmanship

All our premium folding electric bikes are built with an aircraft aluminum alloy 6061 for strength and lightness. They are expertly welded, with patented locking mechanisms. The large diameter rectangular tubing holds a large Lithium battery, among the highest capacity available for an electric bike, to provide adequate range and power. Quality components from Shimano, and batteries from Samsung and LG.

All Compuboost ebikes have front suspension. The mountain and superduty fat tire bikes have full suspension, to handle the rigors of on/off road and trail. The compact and road ebikes have a hard tail Z-frame. Hard tails allow sturdier rear racks and pannier bags to be installed, that full suspension rear wheels cannot handle. The commuter road bike also has a convenient USB phone holder that runs off the mains battery, so that you can actually use the ebike to charge your phone when riding, or even when parked.

Stylish Design with Practical Folding Convenience

Compuboost premium folding electric bikes are stylish too, to reflect your good taste. With bright aircraft style paint colors and glossy clearcoat, they stand out among bikes for aesthetics as well as performance. They have wide handlebars for good control, and comfortable hand wrapped leather seats. We also have cruiser models, which provide a more upright position using pull back cruiser style handlebars and a wider, flatter seat.

Yet they all fold conveniently for storage and transport. Folding and unfolding takes just a minute or two, and is cleverly designed so no adjustments are necessary after unfolding. Our ebikes can fold up, or just as easily fold narrow, with pedals that fold and handlebars that can turn 90 degrees. This makes the bike easy to put in a hallway or corridor.

Premium Folding Electric Bikes Reliability and Durability

Finally, reliability and durability is built into every component, and quality is present throughout our premium folding electric bikes. Stainless steel hardware, aluminum alloy throughout, but steel when needed for strength. All parts are designed for electric bikes, to handle the torque and force needed to withstand the motors that can develop over two horsepower (1500W) that will twist and bend ordinary bike components. All welds are full length, with expert finishing.

The battery pack is double metal enclosed, within a metal box within the Frame itself, so no fire is possible even with a failed battery. Folding and unfolding is via a simple mechanism, and typically takes just a few minutes to fold, and even less to unfold. The bike is designed so that no adjustments to the brakes, derailleur or wheels are needed after unfolding. Typically, the bike can be ridden immediately after unfolding

Rental Program

Want to try our premium folding electric bikes first? We have a rental program that meets real life criteria better than other stores. Rather rent by the hour, which is impractical because with time for setting up, preparation and transport, by the time a person finally gets the ebike on the trail, an hour or two have already elapsed, and there is little time for actually riding before having to return the ebike.

We rent full days (2 day minimum) with pickup the day before and drop off the day after, so you get all the benefits of your rental. This allows our customer the entire weekend to ride, and on a week rental, to take the bike on vacation and ride it sufficiently before having to return it. It also allows our customers to try things like commute to work or school, for a week, to see if it will really work out, before committing to buying expensive ebikes.

Our rates are far below what you would expect, and proving to be quite popular. Because our bikes fold, no special carrier or pickup truck or van is needed. One bike fits easily into any car, and an SUV can hold two bikes. Pickup trucks and vans can hold three or four ebikes easily. This makes renting super convenient.

Service for our Premium Folding Electric Bikes

We also service our premium folding electric bikes, and other brands as well, within our store. Our experts in addition to simple bike stuff like replace tires and chains, but we can rebuild motors, troubleshoot electronics, and rebuild battery packs. We have the expertise to do complete overhaul of the electric bike components.