electric bike rental

Electric Bike Rental

Quality Electric Bike Rentals

Compuboost offers electric bike rentals for our community. Unlike other rental bikes, ours fold, so it is easy to carry on vacations, or home to the local trails Our bikes are state of the art, with different models for different riders.

All have computer controlled motors, with programmable speed limiter to satisfy Class 1, Class 2 and Class3 requirements. The top end is over 30 mph, although the computer controlled speed limiter can limit this to 28mph.  Common setpoints are 18mph (Class 1) and 28 mph (Class 2). We can set these points for you if you desire. All ebikes have pedal assist (pedaling starts the motor) as well as a right handed twist throttle.

All our bikes are equipped with a powerful headlight powered by the mains battery, a movement controlled rear light (turns on when moving), a front basket (optional), rear carrier. 

Pedal assist can be programmed to 0% assist, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% full power. The throttle overides the pedal assist and is used to help startup the bike and perform passing maneuvers.

Braking provides engine cutoff with either brake. Brakes are BB7 (Aavid style) type disc brakes with sintered metal pads, just like on most cars. Brakes will be adjusted and checked out before renting.

Tires are all terrain, for wet or dry conditions (with the exception of the compact ebike, which one model uses low noise street tires), paved or unpaved road, with self sealing tubes. We do include tools and spare tube if you decide to rent the bike toolkit.

Ebike Rental by the day (2 day minimum)

We rent electric bikes by the day (2 day minimum) We do not do hourly, because we found that it was too rushed for the customer. By the time the customer checks in, is fitted, given instructions, then finally he has to either ride to the trail or carry the bike to the trail, it leaves him very little time to actually ride, before he has to return.

We allow the renter to pick up the bike the day before. This is easy because our bikes fold, they will fit even into the smallest car. Then the renter can test out the bike in his/her neighborhood, familiarize themselves with the operation, fully charge the bike overnight, then take the bike to wherever they want to ride the following day and have a great time.

Safely Charge Overnight

Charging overnight is great because we include in the rental a smart charger that won’t overcharge the battery, and the bike is safe in the garage because the battery is double enclosed in a metal box, and then within the metal frame of the bike itself, so if there is an incident (heaven forbid!), the bike will not go up in flames inside your house.

The ebike can be returned the day after the rental period, by 10 am, where we will check it in. Thus you get the full period of the rental, with no time loss to setup and travel.

Our rates are very fair, considering you well be renting the bike far longer than most other stores.

Electric Bike Rental Lineup

Road Ebike Rental

Our road ebikes are 26″ full size folding ebikes suited for adults. They have extreme long range (about 60 miles) and powerful enough to go up any hill. Their weight capacity is 330lbs (ebike, rider and accessories). Our standard road ebikes with a flat handlebar for easy control, and a hand wrapped ventilated sport leather seat. All bikes go through a multipoint inspection and are ready to ride.

Many electric bike rentals include a front basket holder (basket optional) and rear rack.

Cruiser Electric bike Rental

Some road ebike rentals are equipped with pull back handlebars, and a wider, flatter seat for a more comfortable cruiser position. The more upright positions gives comfort on the straightaway, but the rider needs to be more careful on a fast turn, as he/she is not able to lean as much forward and must use less bank angle on turns, or else risk skidding and falling.

We recommend going slower in the cruiser electric bike rental configuration versus the standard sport configuration.

Mountain Ebike Rentals

We rent full suspension mountain ebikes. These mountain electric bike rentals have powerful motors which make climbing hills fast and easy. They have spoke wheels, because on a trail, mountain bikes may encounter many more bumps and ruts, and too much stress or hitting a rut too hard may damage the wheel. On a mag wheel damage means cracking and thus ruining the wheel. However, with spoked wheels, only a spoke is bent or broken, and it is easily repaired without replacing the wheel.

However, even though the ebike rental is designed for trails, it is still too heavy and turns too slowly to do really technical mountain descents (like going nearly straight down with huge jumps). We recommend leaving technical descent to lightweight, long travel shocked manual mountain bikes. Use the ebike to effortlessly climb a trail, have a picnic, and then take the gentlest way down.

Think of steep mountain riding like a white water river. Just as a kayak or canoe is better suited for white water over a power speed boat, so ebikes are not suited for steep, technical mountain riding. Any damage caused by falls or excessive jumping will be considered abuse and be the responsibility of the renter.

SuperDuty Fat Tire Ebike Rental

We rent powerful superduty Fat tire ebikes. They are among the strongest and most robust bikes available. They have a 440lb weight limit (rider, bike and accessories), so they can handle the larger rider. Our Fat Tire bikes also have a 52″ wheelbase, which is also among the longest, so it does not fit on most bike racks (sticks out too far, even if the rack can fit the 4″ wide tires). Although the tires have a rated 26″ diameter , the actual diameter is close to 30″.

This makes this bike large and hard to handle for smaller or inexperienced riders. Sitting on the saddle of the bike most riders are taller than the position of the drivers in many cars. We recommend this bike for larger riders or very experienced riders that can handle the size and subsequent slow response of the steering. Think of it like driving a Cadillac Escalade or Chevy Suburban. Powerful but a bit heavy and ponderous. The turn radius and lean angles are also much longer than more nimble ebikes, like our mountain ebike models.

The fat tires allow operation in sand and snow. They are typically low pressure (25-30psi, but can be set even lower to 15 to 20 psi for better traction in sand or snow). However, riding on saltwater will damage the ebike rental, quickly corroding the magnesium alloy wheels and the aluminum alloy frame. The renter is responsible for seawater damage so the rider can take it to the beach, but should never ride down to the water.

All our bikes are waterproof, so after exposure to seawater or salt mist, a simple rinse with a garden hose (not a pressure hose) is sufficient clean the bike, and then a quick wipe with a towel.

Compact EBike Rental

We also rent compact ebikes. Although designed for adults with a total weight capacity of 250 lbs (bike and rider), they have a smaller motor and less power and weight so younger riders or senior citizens can handle it. They also have a lower straddle height, so they are easier to mount.

Responsible children 14 and older should be able to ride it. Even as young as 12, as long as the child is responsible, and physically big enough to handle the bike.

The compact ebike is popular for motorhome vacations or yacht vacations, because it folds up very compact. We have both a street tire version, plus a fatter tire version with no fenders for a sportier look.

Weekend and Week Rates

We have a daily rate, with a two day minimum rental. We have a weekly rate, which is basically a 4 day rental, with the balance of the week, days 5-7, free. Ebike rentals are based on availability, unless a reservation is made for a specific bike. We also rent accessories like baskets, toolkits, blankets (for protecting car/bike) during transport, spare batteries, helmets.

Ebikes are checked out after 2PM of the day before the start of the rental, and checked in before 10PM of the day after the end of the rental. If the return is late, it will just be charged an extra day, so if your vacation runs over by a day, there will just be another day of rental, and all conditions are the same. 

Ebike Renting Procedure

Checking Out after 2PM previous day of rental

  • Booking the Ebike by paying fees and deposit
  • Reading and signing the injury and damage waivers
  • Orientation for first time riders
  • Walkaround with customer to verify original condition
  • Take the bike home

Return by 10Am following day

  • Damage inspection with customer upon return
  • Settle account and access damage fees if needed

Responsibility of the Renter

Ebikes are very expensive, complex pieces of equipment, and renting allows the customer to benefit from riding without putting up the expense of buying one. But it is his/her responsibility to maintain reasonable care during riding and transport, otherwise damage will be charged to their account.  Renting an electric bike is no different than renting other power vehicles, like a jetski, boat, snowmobile or car. Care must be made to stay within the limits of its capabilities, and the bike should not be abuse

Local Service

Cboost serves most of lower Orange County,

with the communities and cities of Aliso Viejo, Coto de Caza, Dana Point, Foothill Ranch, Las Flores, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente